Toxic Free Shower Cleaner for Safe, Daily Use (DIY)

A dirty shower… to me stepping on a shower that looks or feels dirty is the most disgusting thing in this world.  Unfortunately, I do not live in Downton Abbey and my name is not Lady Mary so I do not have a maid that cleans my shower daily.  What I do have is my recipe for a daily, toxic free shower cleaner that will leave your shower clean and smelling great without any scrubbing from your part.

Why I do not use Bleach

Bleach is not a naturally derived product; we humans make it.  Bleach is made when a direct electrical current is passed through a sodium chloride solution (basically a mixture of water and table salt) splitting atoms, creating chlorine and caustic soda both of which are extremely dangerous to living things.  These 2 by-products are then combined to create bleach.  Bleach is highly corrosive and one of the deadliest chemicals in our home.  As scary as that sounds, bleach is found in countless household products.  I do not use bleach because of the potential danger that it poses to my children and pets.  Here are some scary examples:

  • Bleach, if in contact with skin and eyes, can cause severe burns
  • Bleach, if ingested, causes severe damage to the gastrointestinal tract
  • Bleach, in its gaseous form, creates carcinogens in the air, can cause birth defects, miscarriage, infertility and several respiratory illnesses
  • When bleach breaks down into the environment, it creates “halides” which harms shellfish and other sea creatures
  • Bleach stays in our environment for a long time and that’s got to affect the wildlife with the same effects above

Marifer's Toxic Free Shower Cleaner

Marifer’s Toxic Free Shower Cleaner

By using my tile cleaner recipe, not only are you protecting your family from the potential dangers of bleach but you are also saving money.  My toxic-free shower cleaner costs just pennies per ounce and can be just as effective as any chemical shower cleaner:

1 cup water

1/2 cup of Hydrogen Peroxide 3% solution

1/2 cup White Vinegar/White Cleaning Vinegar (Affiliate Link)

1 tsp Castile Soap (Affiliate Link) (I use Eucalyptus or Lavender scents)

20 drops of Tea Tree oil (Affiliate Link)

Mix them into a spray bottle and voila!  There you have it: A safe, effective, toxic free shower cleaner.  Spray this shower cleaner every time you use your shower.  No need to wipe off.  The spray mix with peroxide and Tea Tree oil has enough anti-bacterial power to fight off mold and mildew.  The key is to stay consistent in applying it and you will always have a clean shower.


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