Super Ketchup tasting at Embassy Creek Elementary

I was so happy to participate in this year’s Embassy Creek Elementary School marketplace on March 14th.  The marketplace is held once a year to raise money for the school and I’m all for that. I was giving out free samples of my delicious and nutritious Super Ketchup. I was very nervous at first because I think Super Ketchup tastes amazing and wanted everyone to feel the same way as I do.


Super Ketchup Sample Table

I’m happy to report that the event was a huge success for the school and yours truly :). I met some many parents and children and they all loved Super Ketchup. I even had several moms with their wallets open ready to buy my hidden veggies ketchup! Other great people I met where vendors like Jill from Bodhi’s Tree, sempai Chris from The Academy of Martial Arts, Michelle from Juice Plus and many more.


Marcy Weisberg- Hirsch - event organizer

See you at Embassy Creek marketplace next year.


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