Stella’s Ballet Themed Playdate

My  darling “terremoto” (earthquake in Spanish) had a little playdate with her 2 BFFs.  Stella is almost three and is going thru the princess phase.  The three girls where playing dress up and pretending to be princesses so I decided to give them the full royal treatment and setting up a dessert table.  For dessert, I served fruit salad,  mini cupcakes with hidden veggies and cotton candy lollipops.  Basically one healthy, one conventional and one decadent dessert.  This all took me a total of 30 minutes to put together with things I already own.  The little girls and the moms were impressed.  Heck, I was impressed at their reaction, LOL.  The pictures were taken with my cel phone under natural light.  Check out the pics below:

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