Sephora’s Beauty Insider Program 2019 Update – Here’s the best parts

The Sephora’s Beauty Insider program has been around for several years. The Beauty Insider program rewards shoppers “Beauty Points” for buying anything from their store: makeup, makeup tools, fragrances, skin care, hair products, etc. The points are then redeemable for other products and services at their stores. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

The Beauty Insider program has three levels: Insider, VIB and Rouge. VIB is for people who spends $350 and Rouge for those who spend at least $1,000 in a given year. The higher the level, the better the perks but all levels are been updated in 2019.

Here is everything you need to know about the latest update:

#1. All Beauty Insider members will have the option of a FREE gift during their birthday month

OMG! check out the free gifts above. I will probably use this perk to score the Drunk Elephant gift. VIB and Rouge members get to pick an extra birthday gift from the online Birthday Boutique.

#2. VIB and Rouge members can personalize their program reward options

The first option is a point upgrade. Rouge members can add 750 points to their account and VIB members can add up to 500. Next option is Free Shipping: Rouge members can choose Flash 2-Day Shipping and VIB members can get Free Shipping on orders over $35. Last but not least, is the store makeovers: Rouge members may share up to four Makeup Deluxe Full-Face Makeover experiences with anyone while VIB members get 2 makeovers. This is my favorite new perk because it allows me to get free shipping on all my orders. Yipee!

Keep in mind that these are just updates to the program. There are other perks in addition to this new ones. To join the Sephora Beauty Insider program all you have to do is to visit Sephora and create your account. Everyone starts at the “Insider” level but the more you spend, the higher your status: VIB status is earned when you spent $350 and Rouge status when you spend $1,000 in year.

For more information, see below or check out Sephora’s Beauty Program FAQ and look for Sephora product reviews in my Product Review section

Sephora Beauty Insider 2019 at a glance
Sephora Beauty Insider 2019 Updates at a glance


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