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// Pro \\

- Free Parking
- Fun and unique experience
- Get to play with your inner MacGyver
- Great fun for a group
- Lots of puzzles

\\ Cons //

- Staff needs to be trained better at customer service
- Waited 1 hour to go into our room
- Wished they had played a video introduction before taking us into the room

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So it was my birthday and I was looking for something fun to do with my “tribe”.  I wanted to do something other than the stereotypical Miami birthday: dinner, clubbing and getting a champagne bottle with a sparkle on top.  While browsing Groupon, I came across PanIQ Room Miami and here’s the Groupon description:

The name, with its capitalized “IQ”, stresses the importance of using critical thinking and problem-solving skills to escape. There are three rooms at the Miami location, each with a uniquely imaginative theme. In the Pirate’s Den, your crew has to uncover the hidden treasure of the feared Captain James; in the Haunted Hospital, your research team is investigating a virus that killed hundreds of patients; for My Spy, you’re a rogue CIA agent searching for a code that unlocks agency secrets. Whichever room you choose, you’ll have an hour to get out. Should your time expire, just use your time machine to start over and try again.

Sounds like something really fun to do so we decided on the “Spy Room”.  The Groupon deal was for 4 or 6 and we were 8 so we called and they agreed to allow 8 of us in 1 room as long as we payed a bit extra.  So we went down to Wynwood to get our escape on.  Read below for my review…

PanIQ Room Miami Outside

Even from the outside is a puzzle, LOL

PanIQ Room Miami is located at 388 NW 27th Street.  Miami, FL 33127 which is in the Wynwood area of Miami.  No need to Uber here, PanIQ has a pretty big free parking lot for its customers.  We got there 30 minutes before our appointment per their request.  Our appointment was for 11 pm.  At first we weren’t sure the place was opened but then we saw someone inside and checked in.  Next, the attendant gave us a speech about what PanIQ Room Miami was about, the rules, etc and asked us if anyone in our group had a heart condition (I’m looking at you Gus, LOL).  Their rules are simple: everything in the room may or may not be a clue.

PanIQ Room Miami Inside

One of many clues all over

The attendant gave us a walkie-talkie and told us they will answer 3 questions.  We had 1 hour to figure how to get out of the room and then they lined us up against a wall, asked for us to close our eyes and follow the leader into the room.  They let us in, close the door and started the timer.  Here’s where it got weird for me: I opened my eyes and there we were… in a room full of junk.  Our room was the Spy room and there were 2 doors: the door we came thru and a back door behind a fence.  Here’s were it went bad for us because we assumed the door behind the fence was the exit and we focused all of our energy in figuring out how to make it to the other door.  Then the timer went off and we were informed we failed.  The attendant came back in and showed us the way out and that’s when he told us we were supposed to go out the same way we came in.  We felt so silly! We laughed about it for hours.  Our failure just left us hungry for revenge.  I am constantly looking at Groupon for PanIQ Room Miami deal to go back but next time, we are going to do the Pirate room.

In conclusion, PanIQ room was a fun activity for a Friday night with friends.  I will give this 3.5 stars and I will definitely try the other 2 rooms.

My Tips

Ladies: do not wear high heels
Leave all cell phones and handbags in the car
As soon as you go in, ask how many groups before you
Pay attention to everything in the room
“Do Not Touch” stickers are real, LOL
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In conclusion, we loved the experience and we will definitely go back but only when we can buy the tickets from Groupon. If you like this review or have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment.

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