My Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020

Let’s take care of the dad in our lives! Let’s make them feel appreciated for everything they do. This year I made a list of products that are all very practical, affordable and sure to improve dad’s daily life. Check out my favorite 10 products:

1. Apron

Dads love cooking… specially bbq. Keep dad stylish and his clothes safe from grease stains with this sturdy, fashionable apron from Hudson Durable Goods. It has plenty of pockets and is made out of waterproof waxed canvas. ($29.99 Amazon)

2. Large Butcher Block Cutting Board

Next thing to elevate dad’s bbq is a large butcher block cutting board. I am loving this one by Bambusi. This is the cutting board that solves food chopping problems! It has raised ridges in the center, which will hold any meat cut from moving while slicing and cutting. My favorite part? is made out of Moso bamboo which is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. ($44.99 Amazon)

3. Better Ketchup

Eating veggies has never been easier with Veg’d Organics Veggie Ketchup. It is made with premium ingredients and real vegetables (tomatoes, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, carrots and beets). Plus, it contains 50% less sugar than any other ketchup brands because it is sweetened with Maple syrup and not high fructose corn syrup. Now is so easy for dad to eat healthy! Tastes like gourmet ketchup and so healthy. Did I mention I am its co-creator? ( use coupon “BOGO” or $17.99 Amazon)

4. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

This is a fantastic gift for the price. It brings 8 Whiskey stones, velvet pouch, 2 slate rock coasters, tongs and 2 heavy glasses in a beautiful wooden box. I can already see my husband using it with his favorite bottle from Fine Spirits in Cooper City. ($32.99 Amazon)

5. Universal Socket Grip

This is a risky but unique gift for the the do-it-yourselfer dad. This tool converts any power drill into a super versatile tool. It will adjust to any size and shape screws, nuts and bolts. ($13.99 Amazon)

6. Power Strip Tower

This power strip tower will allow dad to simultaneously charge several devices plus is a surge protector. What a neat little device! Perfect for dad’s home office desk. ($21.99 Amazon)

7. Foot Rest

Continuing on making dad’s home office more comfortable, the next gift idea is a foot rest. Having a foot rest will help reduce strain on knees and thighs. This foot rest by Mr Ergonomics will help with dad’s posture while keeping his feet comfortably warm in his home desk. ($19.56 Amazon)

8. UV Light Sanitizing Wand

This germicidal lamp by Athlete Everyday will disinfect any surface with a lab-proven sterilization rate of 99.99% in 10 seconds. There are many other wands but this one is easy to carry and very portable. This UV Light Sanitizer is a must have for the dad who is out and about in this times of COVID-19. ($39.99 Amazon)

9. Anti Glare Glasses

Protect daddy’s eyes from glare and fatigue with this special gaming and computer eyeware from GUNNAR. The eye glasses block the blue light that is emitted by computers and other devices and filters it out. A must for those who spend lots of time in front of a computer. ($69.99 Amazon)

10. Front Pocket Wallet

A front pocket wallet is so stylish and comfortable. This RDIF front pocket wallet by The Ridge is made out of metal and comes in 4 different colors. The metal protects all the cards inside and it has a money clip on the outside. ($79.00 Amazon)

… and there you have it. This is my list of items that I am considering for Father’s Day 2020. I hope that my selection helps you find a cool present for your special guy.

Peace and love always


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