How to make a Cheap Lego Table for under $20

When you are a parent, Legos are part of your life.  My kids love to play with Legos and there are literally Lego pieces all over my family room.  Walking to the kitchen can be a real obstacle course.  Reminds me of Catherine Zeta-Jones doing the sexy spy crawl around the lethal lasers scene.  What was the name of that movie?

Cheap Lego Table… right.  Ikea hack… sorry.  Ikea’s Lack tables come in a variety of colors and has matte and lacquer finishes.  They cost about $7-8 dollars each:

Ikea Lack Table

Ikea’s Lack Table $7.99 at Ikea Stores

Next, you buy the Lego Baseplate which are available in different colors and also sizes.  Here is the one that fits my toddler’s Lego Duplo size.  Please make sure you are buying the baseplate for the correct type of Legos.

For other colors and sizes, visit this Lego Baseplates page at Amazon.  Next you just need to glue the baseplate to the table.  I use Elmer’s Extra Strength Spray Glue.  The final result looks like this:

TJ's Lego Table Ikea Hack

Tj’s Lego Table

Do you see the big bucket of Legos under his table??? I N S A N E!!!

So there ya go! A great functional Lego table for under $20

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