FREE Montessori Elementary in Davie

Have you seen a Montessori classroom in action?  For a parent, it is truly an amazing thing to watch: Montessori classrooms are calm, quiet and the kids are usually moving around working on their lessons all by themselves.  No chaos, no clutter.  The classroom mood is serious.  That’s because the Montessori method is child-centered, meaning it teaches children to learn independently and at their own pace, figuring out the best way to do things on their own, learning from their own mistakes.  Teachers are called “guides” whose role is to introduce new challenges as the children master skills and to set the example for caring and respecting others.  Montessori schools are usually private but there is a new Free Montessori Elementary in Davie… a charter school!

Montessori is Great for Elementary Kids

Elementary school kids can benefit greatly from Montessori education.  Children in the 6 to 12 age group have an insatiable appetite for learning everything about this world and beyond.  Under the Montessori elementary approach, a child’s “curriculum” is only limited by the child’s own imagination.  The Montessori method trains them to identify, classify and research all of the fascinating concepts found in school, home and everywhere else.  In essence, the world becomes their classroom.  At this stage, the curriculum includes language, math, geometry, botany, zoology, geography, history and also practical life. Practical life skill lessons become part of their “curriculum” as students are required to care for the classroom.  Montessori elementary students are taught to water plants, care for the class pet, clean their work areas and organize materials to keep their classroom clean – in essence, instilling good habits and the sense of pride and responsibility onto them.

Montessori is Great for Kids with Disabilities or Gifted

Montessori Music Notes Lesson

Here’s my son TJ learning how to read music. He’s now in the Gifted program

Montessori is great for kids who are gifted or kids with learning disabilities.  Kids with ADHD, Autism and ODD benefit because Montessori classrooms are designed to train attention by providing children opportunities to practice deep concentration for long periods without disruption.  For a gifted child, Montessori classroom are filled with opportunities to learn and truly there is no limit for them: my son started first grade at a conventional school.  He would come home everyday with bad colors and he would complaint of how bored he was.  It was not until his old school gave us the “3 strikes and you are out” warning that my husband and I decided to try out Montessori education.  We transfer TJ to Atlantic Montessori Charter and ever since, our son only talks about how much he learns everyday.  My son went from been the disruptive-mediocre-trouble kid at Franklin Academy to a mature-respectful-gifted Montessori kid.  I am so grateful everyday for his Montessori teacher, Ms Mejia, for helping my son become the kid he really was.

Free Montessori Elementary in Davie

The Montessori curriculum often doesn’t come cheap.  Most Montessori schools are private and costs between $800 to $1,000 per month.  Lucky for us, there’s a FREE Montessori Elementary in Davie called Atlantic Montessori Charter.

My amazing business partner (Miss G) told me about this little gem so I checked them out right away. Atlantic Montessori provides a pure Montessori environment combined with Florida’s education standards.  The result is amazing! My son is already doing multiplication and division in his first grade class and was selected to join Broward schools’ gifted program.  Atlantic Montessori campus serves K to 5th grade in a beautiful building on Flamingo Road (across Flamingo Road Nursery).  The building has 12 very large classrooms.  Six of those classrooms are part of their daycare and VPK service while the other 6 house K to 5th grades.

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Some montessori alums include Larry Page & Sergey Brin (founders of Google), Jeff Bezos (founder of, Will Wright (Creator of “The Sims” video game), Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Colombian Noble prize winner), Jackie O, Julia Child (famous chef), Price William and Price Harry of England and many more… all credit their success on their Montessori upbringing.  And now your kid can have access to Montessori education right here in Davie for FREE!

Do you want your children to join this impressive club? Call Atlantic Montessori Charter at 954-790-8943 and register your child today.  Spots in this free montessori elementary in Davie are limited as the school is restricted to 180 students.  Trust me, Montessori primary education will transform your child into an independent thinker, who is self-motivated, creative, respectful and tolerant of the world and others.

Sign up today, spots are limited.  Only Broward residents can apply… and if asked, tell them Marifer sent you 😉


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