Found! 10 New Healthy Brands at Publix

I have always been health-conscious about my food choices – staying away from highly processed foods and looking for good ingredients… heck, that’s the reason I started my own food company: Better Ketchup. But enough about my delicious and nutritious creation. Today I am going to show you ten brands I found at Publix that I love for their clean ingredients, transparent labels and sustainability:

Breakfast Foods

Love Grown: Love Grown makes delicious granolas and tasty cereals with good-for-you ingredients like avocado oil, beans, lentils and whole grains. My kids are very picky with cereals but they love their Chocolate Comet Crispies. I like this because of the taste plus protein, fiber and low sugar contents. And if you think bean/lentil cereal is weird, I will tell you that I just gave it to my kids one day and after trying it, there was no protest.

Current favorite: Chocolate Comet Crispies

Kite Hill: Plant-Based, Dairy-Free yogurts, artisan cheeses and cream cheese. This Vegan brand uses Almond milk to make all its yummy products. I first tried their product at West Palm Beach’s VegFest and I was hooked. I was so happy when I saw their entire line at Publix!

Current Favorite: Kite Hill Cream Cheese with Chives

Evol Foods: A new generation of frozen meals with real and clean ingredients. I’ve tried their breakfast burritos. Oh my! Their frozen breakfast meals feature egg whites, antibiotic-free and hormone-free meats and other real ingredients. Helps me make breakfast fast during the weekdays when I am battling the morning rush.

Evol foods breakfast burrito
Current Favorite: Egg White & Spinach Burrito

Snacks and Desserts

Enjoy Life: They make bars, cookies and baking mixes with good ingredients, whole grains and low sugar. I first found this brand when buying chocolate chips for my Zucchini Muffins. I have also tried their soft baked cookies as a kid lunchbox snack. Recently, I found out that this Gluten-Free brand is food-allergy-friendly, meaning they do not use the top 14 allergens in their products. My kids do not have any allergies but I think that is a good selling point. I like this brand because of their values.

Current Favorite: Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies

Siggi’s: This is an Icelandic-style yogurt called Skyr that is thicker, low in sugar, high in protein and without artificial ingredients. I love the drinkable ones and have one every day.

Current Favorite: Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr Drinkable Yogurts

Halo Top: Guilt-Free, Good-for-you ice cream? Yes, yes, yes! Its creator had hypoglycemic diet restrictions so he started making his own ice cream at his home. He then created a low-calorie, low-sugar, low-fat, high-protein ice cream he called Halo Top and I call “The best thing ever invented” (you can tell I love ice cream). Each Halo Top pint has between 240 to 360 calories. Same as a regular Coca Cola can. Halo Top has lots of flavors to choose from including Vegan and Dairy-Free options.

Halo Top S'mores Ice Cream
Current Favorite: S’mores (for camping season here in SoFlo)

Pantry Staples

Pacific Foods: Soups, broths, bases with good ingredients and low sodium. I like them because of label transparency and the fact they work with local sustainable farms to create products available all over the USA. During the winter, I love their Cream of Pumpkin. I serve that with a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Killer Dave’s bread and is heaven. Also, I have switched my bouillon which is high in sodium for Pacific Foods collagen-packed bone broth.

Current Favorite: Chicken Bone Broth

Beyond Meat: Plant-Based “meat” products: burger patties, sausages, ground beef, etc… all Vegan! I once made Chili with Beyond Meat’s Crumbles and my Texan hubby didn’t even noticed the switched until I told him. He was like “Eating Chili with Vegan meat is a crime in Texas!”. I kid, I kid. In reality, the Crumbles and the Beyond Burger do cooks, feels and tastes like beef. I am not a beef person. My husband is and I like that we can compromise on eating Chili con Carne even if is Vegan carne.

Beyond Meat Crumbles
Current Favorite: Beyond Beef Crumbles

Dave’s Killer Bread: OMG! Finally a bread that is not considered “highly processed”. Traditional grocery store bread is filled with refined white-flour, high fructose corn syrup, trans-fats, bleaching agents and other stuff I cannot even pronounce. Dave’s Killer Bread is none of those things. They make a high fiber bread with organic ingredients and real whole grains. Dave’s Killer Bread line includes sliced bread, English muffins and bagels. My favorites are “White Bread Done Right” and “Good Seed” both in the thin-sliced version. I dare you to make a grilled cheese sandwich with the Good Seed bread. I dare you!!

Current favorite: Dave’s Killer Bread Good Seed

Banza: Banza is pasta made with chickpeas. By swapping highly processed semolina with chickpeas, Banza has created a pasta brand that has double the protein, four times the amount of fiber and half the carbs as regular pasta. And the flavor is good… tastes like regular pasta. No funny aftertaste. I make the macaroni and add my soon to come hidden veggies cheese sauce for the healthiest Mac n Cheeze you’ll ever taste! LOL

Current Favorite: Banza Elbows

That’s it for today’s list. I will be updating my list of healthy food brands as I find them in my local stores. If you’d like to receive updates, don’t forget to subscribe!

Peace, xoxo -M

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