Best FREE Resources for Kids Learning from Home

Under our new normal, my family is spending every day at home. Kids are learning from home. This has brought in a new set of challenges. My kids are doing good with online learning but they finish their school work before lunch leaving them with lots of time in their hands.

As a parent, I see as my responsibility to steer my kids toward good online content. Lord Buddha knows I can’t watch another Leah Ash Roblox video! So I decided to find out the best educational YouTube channels, apps and websites I could find and today I am sharing my list of the best free and paid resources for your kid to learn good content at home:

YouTube Channels

YouTube is the kids #1 choice for content

YouTube and YouTube Kids are the most used by my family. It has lots of great channels for kids and adults that we can watch on the TV or tablets with their app. My favorites YouTube channels are:

Try to subscribe to several ones and your feed will never be without some substance!


There are apps for just about anything out there. I have made a good mix of learning and fun apps for elementary school aged children. Here is my all time favorites:

US History Virtual Tours

Teach the kids US history and South Florida history without leaving your house with this collection of great virtual tours:

Animal Virtual Tours

Here in South Florida we are so blessed with good weather and many, many outdoor places to enjoy. They are all closed now but they are staying connected with the community online:

Museums Virtual Tour

From the Monalisa at the Louvre to the contemporary art at Perez Art Museum Miami, take your kids in a virtual tour around the best museums in the world:

Educational Websites

I have bookmarked all this websites on my kids tablets and laptops. Some are even included in their chore lists. I have a list that will satisfy any taste:

Educational Website to Teach Kids Spanish

If you live in South Florida like I do, Spanish speaking is a must. This websites help me teach my kids Spanish with a combination of games and songs.

Free Printables

Girls Love to Color on Printables

I don’t think I know of a single kid who doesn’t like printed activities. My daughter loves to color. I used to struggle finding age-appropriate pages but not no more! Check out my favorites:

Phew! This is a big post for me. My fingers hurt from typing so much! I hope that you take time and look thru my lists and check out my resources for kids to learn at home. I think I made a pretty good balance of school, fun and interesting resources for kids to stay engaged and curious. Feel free to share with all your friends with young children. We parents need to help each other out in this difficult time. Remember, this too shall pass.

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With loving kindness


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